The market features fresh produce and fine foods from around the world! Our Butcher shop also features full service butchers from 8 am to 6 pm daily  prime meats cut to order. Stop in to place your order today for prime cuts of meat!


Cromer’s Market – The Wholesale Foodservice Supplier

Cromer’s Wholesale Market has a long history of supplying restaurants, delicatessens and caterers with a wide variety of foodservice items. For many years, the Cromer’s trucks made their way through the boroughs of New York City, making deliveries to some of New York’s finest establishments.

In 1983, the Cromer’s moved the market to Southampton, NY. Since then, the Cromer’s delivery trucks have become a familiar daily sight, making their way across the east end to bring the freshest products to your favorite places to eat. Each new year has brought new names, new faces and new menus to those who dine in the Hamptons, and Cromers has been there to serve them. Despite the ever-widening field of foodservice suppliers, Cromers Market remains a favorite with many of those who will prepare your next meal out.

While much has changed through the years, including moving the base of operations to the Noyac-Sag Harbor location and a change of ownership, the important things remain the same. Cromers continues to provide its customers with the same quality of products and service as always; day after day, year after year. Chefs and cooks all across the east end value the convenience of a local vendor, not to mention the personal service they receive from our butchers for their special needs. Chances are your favorite restaurant or deli will be getting a delivery from Cromer’s today!

Cromer’s Market – The Butcher Shop

To say the least, the butcher shop at Cromer’s Market is a Hamptons legend. It is a hard-earned, but well-deserved reputation. From its earliest days in Southampton, our team of butchers have taken great pride in offering the choicest meats, prepared to their customers exact specifications. Tommy, Benny and Tony laid the foundation for a long-standing level of excellence that continues to this day.

Moving the butcher shop from Southampton to Noyac, Sag Harbor, brought our butchers to an even wider group of customers who have learned to trust them for the finest in meats. Today, under Tony’s direction, our butchers continue to provide not only the best cuts of meat, but also produce many different sausages and specialty items that so many customers from all over the east end come to find at Cromers. In fact, many of the east end’s firehouses, schools and other institutions come to Cromer’s to order supplies for their individual special events.
Each year, Cromers adds many new items and welcomes many new customers. And the chances are that the burger, pork chop, chicken, lamb or veal cutlet you have at your favorite restaurant was prepared here at Cromers. Many of the east end’s chefs stop by Cromers to trade notes and ideas, and to see what’s new. Few leave without a sandwich or fried chicken from our equally famous deli department!